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Free "Pirate Ship" Mount

by Poisonenvy, 7 hours ago

Blizzard are giving a free "pirate ship" mount away (and its "special action" involves firing its cannons!) to everyone who pays for 6 month game time.  This includes those who already have a rolling 6 monthly subscription, as well as those who buy it through the store.

The 6 months costs the same as normal, the price is not inflated .. so free mount!

Remember to check your Gifts section on your launcher if you already pay for a six monthly subscription.

This is a time-limited thing .. it ends on the 21st October.


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Guild Rules Refresher - Returning Members

by Poisonenvy, 4 days ago

We've had a few returning members recently .. some who were still in the guild in the MiA rank, but others who had been removed for long term inactivity, or left, previously.

Please take note of our guild rules in this respect:

Returning Members

Any members who leave the guild (for whatever reason) and wish to return, must first contact an Alpha or Beta of the guild for permission to re-join. We reserve the right to refuse reinstatement into the guild without explanation (although usually it is fairly obvious!). Should a returning member join without the permission of an Alpha or Beta they risk the possibility of removal from the guild without warning.  Generally we expect returning members who no longer have any characters in the guild to reapply via the website application form, mentioning their previous membership and, if possible, the name of at least one (main) character that used to be a member of the guild.

If you have had a name change or wish to bring in an Alt, please let us know.

Any returning members will join at the Pup rank again and will be treated as any other new member in respect of promotions, access to banks, etc.

To speed this process up, we're happy for people to simply reapply via the website, bypassing the "ask permission" bit .. because applying implies asking permission anyway.  Although we're happy for people to contact us to ask advice, etc ... especially if it's been a while, or they're applying with a character we might not necessarily remember.

So .. if someone asks for an invite into the guild be sure they either (a) currently have a character in the guild (and if they do, ensure they add their "alt of" public note), or (b) have an accepted application on our website.

If you're unsure .. don't invite them and refer them to myself or one of the officers.  Those who have a legitimate reason to ask for an invite should be fine being asked to wait for confirmation first.

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New bosses down .. Uldir Cleared!

by Poisonenvy, 6 days ago

Blimey, what a night!  Not only did we clear Uldir Normal .. but we then went on to down the first two bosses on heroic!  We weren't necessarily all 100% erm .. not dead .. but that doesn't matter.  What does matter is that Niknax managed to resist the urge to press that big button :p


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One more down .. one to go!

by Poisonenvy, 8 days ago

Congratulations everyone .. a new boss down!  One more to go for the full clear


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The Gatekeeper is down!

by Poisonenvy, 13 days ago

(bonus points for those who understand the heading!)

Congratulations everyone tonight - sorry I couldn't be there but I bet it was epic!

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Five New Bosses, First Raid Night

by Poisonenvy, 15 days ago

Well it was a struggle getting there, but all the hard work and effort paid off .. massive congratulations and thanks to everyone involved!

Despite having to cope with a lack of some of my favourite addons, we started in fairly good time and fairly well organised (which didn't have a great deal to do with me as I was prodding the calendar muttering "who is missing, who is missing"!).

It does help that most of us understood the basic rules of raid bosses .. which basically boil down to "if it hurts, don't stand in it; if it's moving, kill it" although some of those fights did involve rather a lot of running around like headless chicken.  Also .. one fight was actually ON a giant lift .. which is just plain rude, and a little bit scary :p 

Later on .. we had several fights that involved being tossed off .. and there weren't even any dwarves in sight!  It was quite fun watching people getting blasted into the air, and then off the side though

Another boss involved the majority of it's bodily functions .. it spent most of it's time sneezing and vomiting on us .. and with its several heads, that was fun fun fun!

All in all an enjoyable and successful first night back to raiding.  A few screenshots below showing dead bosses.  Erm .. although some of the bosses just wandered off or disintegrated .. so they involve the lot of us stood in front of a pile of goo .. or nothing ... 

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Warbringers: Azshara Cinematic

by Poisonenvy, 24 days ago

A bit late to the party ... but I thought this was a really cool cinematic:

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