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Welcome to the Dark Wolves website. 

Please register and explore the site - visit our Wiki, our forums, Game Tools and all the other nooks 'n crannies - it's amazing what you find in all sorts of places!  Feel free to say "hi" in the forums or the various "chat" options around the site and add @darkwolveseu to your twitter feed for news updates and more.

This website is for YOU, the guild member and the prospective guild member, and any of our friends - if you don't feel there is anything worth coming back to the site for, let me know what WOULD keep you coming back and I will try to add it.


To current members of Dark Wolves ... instructions on how to Register with the site (which is extremely quick and easy) can be found on the Guild Wiki here.

To prospective members of Dark Wolves ... please feel free to browse our Wiki, especially our Guild Rules, and then follow the guide to fill in the application form and Apply to join us.

For regular updates, "like" our Facebook page

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 22hours ago8 Replies
user avatar WoW Subscription Increases
 7days ago2 Replies
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 9days ago0 Replies
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WoW Subscription Increases

by Poisonenvy, 7 days ago


Blizzard have announced that they are planning to increase the subscription fees for World of Warcraft.  Above are the current costs for a WoW subscription ... the date for the price increase has not yet been announced, although they have said they will give a two months warning prior to actually changing the costs.  This price increase only relates to the EU.  Those on a recurring subscription will actually continue to pay the current rate for two further years following the price increase, assuming they do not change their recurring subscription.

More info here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/11546524896

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Lords of War - Kargath

by Poisonenvy, 9 days ago

A new video has been released by Blizzard to explain some of the history:

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Warlords of Draenor News

by Poisonenvy, 9 days ago

The Cinematic has been released for the next expansion, which you can view below:



The release date has also been announced, as 13th November.  I'm guessing this means that access will be available from around 12 midnight server time on the evening of the 12th?

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Flex and 10th Anniversary raiding

by Poisonenvy, 11 days ago

Samsara have contacted me to try to re-start the flex raiding on a Friday evening.  I have therefore added Flex for Friday this week with the same requirements/times as usual ... 9pm Server Time start; bring flasks and be repaired ... ideally DPS want to be doing at least 100k dps although there may be some wiggle room, depending on the section we do.  Samsara should be able to provide at least one tank.  Teamspeak IS required ... for instructions on how to download and set it up, click here.

We have also been discussing the 10th Anniversary raid. 

As you may already know, Blizzard have announced various special events to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of World of Warcraft.  One of those "events" is a 40 man LFR into Molten Core.  The reward for completing it is a Molten Core mount.

Samsara have suggested that we might get together to take on the raid together ... it will take place in November with max-level characters ... therefore level 100 characters only.

We do not currently know what sort of gear level will be required, but it would be really great if, between us, we could muster a group of 40 .. even if it includes some off-realm friends of guild members.  Samsara are willing to provide the Teamspeak server so we can discuss tactics and basically get rather rowdy.

Once we know when the raid opens up, I'll put it up on the calendar ... so if you fancy a new mount and the opportunity to take part in a completely bonkers 40 man raid - possibly with upgrades and/or transmog gear as well .. keep an eye out for it and sign up :-)

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New Guild Achievements

by Poisonenvy, 28 days ago

We've had a flurry of guild achievements this week following the completion of our final "Stay Classy" achievement:

Hurrah!!  It was a long road, but we (you!) did it .. and we've finally purchased the 8th guild vault slot. 

I've therefore re-organised the last few slots and the respective access .. if anyone notices something I've missed, or has any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

All I've done, really, is create a slot specifically for glyphs and enchants .. these are rather expensive in the Auction House (or were, before the Connected Realms merge .. I've not checked since), so it seems right to have them available in the guild vault for those who can use them.

When/if I have time, I'll try to go through in greater detail and find the glyphs that are recommended most, to ensure we have some of those available .. but don't hold you breath! (plus, it might all change come the next expansion ...)

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Light Wolves Website Launch

by Poisonenvy, 35 days ago


In preparation for Connection day, and now starting to open up recruitment generally to Light Wolves, I have now created a website for that guild:

Light Wolves Website

Obviously it is still in its early stages and you may find the occasional glitch here or there .. feel free to give me a nudge if anything seems to be wrong for an extended period of time.

In order to access the full site, you will need to have a character actually in Light Wolves, and then use the launch code given in the Guild Info in-game.  Any current member of Dark Wolves can automatically gain an invite to Light Wolves .. if there is no-one online on the Alliance side when you need an invite, pop over to Horde and see if there is anyone there that is free to go over and send an invite.  Otherwise, just let me know and we can arrange something.

Those who are officers in Light Wolves do need to ensure they are registered with that website and access it regularly .. there is a specific part of the forum set aside for officer discussions which, unless we give out specific roles to officers, will require the input of ALL officers when problems crop up.  As officers are rarely online all at the same time, the forum is a crucial part of the administration process and saves each of us the job of having to chase down each individual officer in-game to give any new information they might need.

Please bear in mind that, as I am running Dark Wolves, this website, Facebook and Twitter for Dark Wolves, and now the website for Light Wolves, it is getting increasingly difficult to have time to do it all and actually have time to play as well .. so I rely on everyone .. officers and guild members alike .. to try and help out keeping things ticking over.  Anything major, obviously I'm happy to deal with :-)

The guild rules and general ethos for Light Wolves is (of course) the same as for here .. we may be a little more lenient with recruitment to start with and obviously there has been no specific raiding programme decided yet as we don't expect Light Wolves to be raiding until the next expansion.

Any suggestions or comments are gratefully received .. especially if they come with solutions

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Preparation for Connection

by Poisonenvy, 37 days ago

As announced recently, Lightbringer and Mazrigos are to be connected .. currently the expected date for this to happen is 23rd July ... ie, our next reset/maintenance day.

Below are a few things you may wish to know about how these work:

  • Characters in a Connected Realm are able to send mail to characters on other realms in the Connected Realm.

  • Characters in a Connected Realm are able to friend, whisper, and group with characters on other realms in the Connected Realm.

  • Characters in a Connected Realm may join a guild on any realm in their Connected Realm.

  • All realms in a Connected Realm share a common Auction House.

  • All realms in a Connected Realm share a common Trade Chat.

  • Custom chat channels also work between Connected Realms.

  • Characters on different realms within a Connected Realm may have the same name, as may guilds. Only the name (and guild, if any) is displayed above a character's head, but if a character is on a different realm within the Connected Realm, chats, whispers, and the character's tooltip will show the character's name, followed by a dash ("-") and the name of that character's realm. The same conventions are followed within character tooltips for guild names if the other character is in a guild on a different realm.

  • The names of characters in lists such as guild Rosters and Who Lists who are on other realms within a Connected Realm are appended with a dash followed by their realm name. When addressing in-game mail to characters on another realm within a Connected Realm, the recipient character's name must have a dash and the other character's realm name appended.

  • The current limit of 11 characters on each individual realm is not affected by Connected Realms. Players are therefore allowed to create 11 characters on each Connected Realm, allowing for an overall total of far more than 11 characters on the combined virtual realm. Players who have already reached the character limit on their own realm may therefore wish to create new characters on a Connected Realm, with negligible difference. This provides new possibilities for players with regard to character limits, and effectively redefines the realm character limit as 11 x number of Connected Realms.

So to summarise, when we are Connected, you keep your character names and guild names.  We interact with those from the other realm(s) for all intents and purposes as if we were one realm ... characters from any realm in the connection can be in any guild, party up, chat, use the same Auction Houses.

In effect, we are getting roughly double the population AND double the number of character slots, all in one place.  Any characters you have on either Lightbringer OR Mazrigos are able to join either of our guilds (Light or Dark Wolves) and interact as if we were all on the same realm.  You just have to remember that, if you're sending mail or an invite to someone, you put the correct "realm" after the name, or you might end up with the wrong person!

There have been a few problems with Connections in the past .. most of these are minor and are easily sorted, but it is worth keeping in mind:

  • Your avatar and character information on the Armories may take several weeks to update after the connection.
  • There is a possibility that anything you hold in your mailbox may "disappear" after the connection (if this does happen, simply raise a ticket or wait a while .. apparently eventually the mail usually turns back up)
  • You lose any raid lockouts ... for us in particular, this means that the boss we're locked to in Siege of Orgrimmar will be cleared .. if we want to get to challenge that boss again, on Normal, we will have to kill all the preceding bosses again first.
  • In the early days there were reports of guild ranks and guild vault access being mucked up .. but I think this is sorted now.

If anyone else knows of any other problems, or have any questions, please feel free to ask

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