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Roster Updates

by Poisonenvy, 23 days ago

The following roster updates have been made today:

From Pup to Cub

Aluteu, Amalexia, Amarune-Lightbringer, Avocado, Biven, Caladan, Camagon, Coez, Drochtuarach, Druza, Dudumuffin, Eraz, Fang, Farandur, Farloid, Felsong, Gleeana, Grimthorne, Hasselhorn, Keanabeth, Khalira, Kompeta, Kuraca, Miris, Mourogh, Nekor, Nezkin, Nixle, Pawstrong, Shabitari, Shabii, Shabitá, Siofradh, Surdana, Temperance, Woody, Xenin, Xorwatha, Zhalisto, Zulrakas, Zylya

From Cub to Juvenile

Aleidan, Amaratsu, Apothecary, Fortreas, Grandala, Halftor, Hieronimous, Jestyr, Luchra, McMuffinDK, Najosi, Nekysor, Njau, Rakosh, Raquelle, Redluster, Rorgg, Splitlip, Stonewal, Tenzula, Zoneseek

From Juvenile to Wolf
(alts placed in Wolf Alt rank)

Masonicc, Kathrella, Fendrox, Sjougla, Osis

From Wolf/Wolf Alt to Werewolf

Daenamia, Kintarin, Matsujin, Ironfury, Sevathar.

For additional information on how the ranks work, please see that section in the guild rules.  If you believe there has been a mistake, feel free to reply below and I'll look into it.

If anyone regularly raids and was already (prior to today) at the Wolf/Wolf Alt rank, and wasn't placed in the Werewolf rank, please let me know.  Anyone who regularly raids and who has been promoted today to the Wolf/Wolf Alt rank will then be reviewed at the next set of promotions.

The following members have been removed due to long term inactivity (none of these members were in the MiA rank and the majority were inactive for around a year .. some of the lower ranked members were inactive for around 6 months):

Jadeshadow, Jaded, Mystique, Qairne, Offler, Sokaipmilol, Tanilla, Diesh, Meaningless, Aerofoils, Jinchun, Aenethrin

If any of these characters below to you, and you wish to remain in the guild, please contact me as soon as possible.  If you wish to return after two weeks, please reapply using the application form on our website.

Please note that, if you're intending on being away from the game for more than 3 months, you should speak to me and we can either arrange to have a note placed against you in the roster (for shorter periods of time) or we can place you in the MiA rank, which will give you around 1-2 years before you're likely to be removed from the guild.

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Antorus Heroic Cleared!

by Poisonenvy, 43 days ago



Massive congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped get us there .. we cleared Antorus Heroic!

We one shot (tonight ) the last boss:

And gained us all the "Curve" achievement:

And, of course, got us all the new mounts - which are VERY pretty :-)

Should be plenty of time to get more mounts for people, so please do sign up for raids if you'd like to come (just make sure your gear is right and you have some knowledge of the fights .. feel free to ask questions )

*happy dance*

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New Boss Down!

by Poisonenvy, 45 days ago

Massive congratulations everyone .. another boss bites the dust!!!

Aggramar went down with fairly little fuss tonight - only one more to go - woohoo!!



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Battle for Azeroth available NOW for pre-purchase

by Poisonenvy, 46 days ago


Blizzard have just released the next expansion, Battle for Azeroth, available for pre-purchase.  As usual there are two version - Standard and Digital Deluxe - with the Deluxe version providing a variety of digital extras including two new mounts (one horde, one alliance) and a new battle pet for WoW, together with various goodies for various other games including Overwatch and Hearthstone.

Purchasing this will allow early access to the new races (if you have the requirements for them).

The page shows that the expansion will be released on or before 21 September 2018.

More information on the 110 boost can be found here.

You can see more information about what is included, and the allied races, here.

Blizzard state:

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is now available for pre-purchase through the Blizzard Shop and in-game shop! When you pre-purchase a digital copy, you’ll receive a level 110 character boost to use immediately. You can also begin the journey to unlock the expansion’s new playable Allied Races: the Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, Void Elves, and Nightborne. And if you level an Allied Race character from 20–110*, you’ll earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set—a lasting symbol of your dedication and commitment to Azeroth.

It’s Time to Declare Your Allegiance

Azeroth has paid a heavy price to end the Legion’s crusade. Countless noble heroes have fallen, and the world itself has been wounded by the sword of Sargeras—but another rift remains that may prove much harder to mend. The shattered trust between the Alliance and the Horde has brought tensions to the brink of war, and no one knows what the future holds for Azeroth. It falls to you, hero, to recruit allies, champion your faction’s cause, and take up arms in this defining moment of an age-old conflict.

But don’t wait for the fight to come to you—prepare now by pre-purchasing Battle for Azeroth! Begin your quest to recruit Allied Races, mount up on a Gilded Ravasaur or Seabraid Stallion, and proudly declare your faction allegiance as you steel yourself for the battle to come.

Battle for Azeroth – Standard and Digital Deluxe Features

Battle for Azeroth
is available now in two digital editions: Standard and Digital Deluxe. Here’s what comes with each:

Standard and Digital Deluxe

  • The complete Battle for Azeroth experience
  • Includes level 110 character boost
  • Pre-purchase today to use your 110 character boost, and begin the journey to unlock playable Allied Races.

Digital Deluxe only

  • Zandalar Gilded Ravasaur (Horde) and Kul Tiras Seabraid Stallion (Alliance) mounts
  • Tottle, the baby Tortollan pet
  • Hearthstone card back
  • StarCraft II sprays
  • Heroes of the Storm Primal Flamesaber mounts
  • Overwatch voice lines, emotes, sprays, and icons
Later this year we will announce our retail-only Collector’s Edition, featuring art, music, and lore to celebrate the release of Battle for Azeroth.

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New boss down!

by Poisonenvy, 50 days ago

Massive congratulations everyone .. Coven Heroic was a difficult fight, but we got there in the end ... only two more to go!



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Patch 7.3.5

by Poisonenvy, 61 days ago

Blizzard have announced that patch 7.3.5 is coming THIS WEEK!!!!

Wowhead have the following to say:

Blizzard has announced the release date for Patch 7.3.5: January 16th (US) / January 17th (EU). Check out our Patch 7.3.5 Content Hub for everything coming in the new patch!

The release date follows an intense period of speculation, as we had no patch notes throughout the 7.3.5 PTR cycle. We predicted the 16th based on datamined additions for Call of the Scarab, extended maintenance hinted at a patch, and Xorothian Cultists are channeling a very long cast that historically completes on patches.

Here are some notable new details from the patch notes:

  • You will need to complete Antorus in order to access new quests in Silithus.
  • The Battleground Seething Shore, thought to be available at the start of the patch, will actually be available as the story unfolds at a later date.
  • Allied Races are NOT mentioned in these notes. They are not a 7.3.5 feature. It is possible we could see them as an early access perk later in Legion, similar to how players got early access to Demon Hunters by preordering Legion.
  • Lunar Festival will be the source of the flower crowns  Crown of Good Fortune,  Crown of Courage,  Crown of Prosperity,  Crown of Dark Blossoms, which were datamined months ago:

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Two new bosses down!

by Poisonenvy, 73 days ago

Congratulations everyone - really well done! 



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