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Raiding over the next Fortnight

by Poisonenvy, 13 days ago


Kad (Nadir) and myself will be away for the next two weeks, approximately, from around Tuesday .. meaning I am unable to organise or attend the next 4 standard raid nights.

Moranth has kindly agreed to organise the two Hellfire Citadel raids, but unfortunately we don't now have anyone able to organise the Blackrock Foundry raids.  Initially Lee volunteered but he has now had to withdraw, so we're now looking for someone else. 

That person will need to be Wolf rank or above, be able to monitor and organise the event on the calendar, be able to keep an eye on the required roles and, if necessary, give people a reminder that more people are needed.

They will need to be online prior to the raid start time and be able to start the raid group .. they don't HAVE to attend, however, it would of course be useful.  They don't need to know all of the tactics for all of the bosses ... just a rough idea should be enough, as most people will know what is required of them.

Having said that .. if someone steps up to organise something, it doesn't have to be Blackrock Foundry Heroic .. it doesn't even have to be Blackrock Foundry.  If they think enough people would like to go elsewhere .. do that instead. 

It doesn't have to be the Friday .. although this is the "normal" second raid night .. if the organiser finds it easier on a different night, do that.

If you would like to volunteer, please let me know by the end of Tuesday .. after that, please notify either Jay or Hoe.  They will also be happy to give advice.

If we don't get any volunteers, then it is unlikely anything will be arranged .. although of course you are more than welcome to organise some Mythic dungeon runs or anything else for that matter.

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Teamspeak Server Move

by Poisonenvy, 14 days ago


As some of you may know, Hunterkillah/Mooh kindly runs and hosts our Teamspeak server for us.  He let us know that he was in the process of changing the server that our Teamspeak runs on, which meant that our Teamspeak server also had to move.

There were some potential hiccups that could be caused whilst this was happening, however, it all seems to have happened rather smoothly (jinxed it!) ... so hopefully you should not notice any difference.  The software and the login details are all the same.

If you do have any problems, double check you have the correct information from our Teamspeak page (this is only accessible if you are logged in and a current member of the guild) and, if you're still unable to get onto the server, please let me know.

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Roster Updates

by Poisonenvy, 14 days ago


The following promotions were made today:

From Pup to Cub

 Baaldorh, Cimitri, Demonsouler, Ekitai, Flameimp, Grania, Hexenroze, Hexman, Javiers, Kamisama, Kiruhu, Knurt, Lissossan, Lissossana, Lunarli, Lysoril, Mashhoor, Milkmyspoon, Munna, Narishka, Nhemu, Riiz, Riizuel, Seena, Shinyteef, Tarilla, Taurinelion, Thandriall, Totenchurke, Xephyra, Ziamara

From Cub to Juvenile

Bloodelfin, Darkraider, Jeewes, Mashhour, Nirensi, Numenerath, Nymphete, Prismara, Rodelem, Waterspirit

From Juvenile to Wolf
(alts placed in Wolf Alt rank)

Ignotar, Perspicacia

From Wolf/Wolf Alt to Werewolf

Totemhealer, Niknax, Littlefrost, Imnotgraile


The following have been removed from the guild due to a long term absence:

Claudine, Diegis, Droken, Elkine, Zherg, Theroccanni, Zuliane

They are welcome to reapply if they wish to join again in the future.  If any are your alts, please let me know ... and please remember to ensure your alts are marked as such on the in-game roster to avoid being removed prematurely.

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A New Boss Down!

by Poisonenvy, 17 days ago

Massive congratulations guys .. we finally got him!  No time to rest on our laurels .. time to check out the next bosses in LFR and then in Normal .. so start practising! On the plus side .. unless we want to, I don't think we need to actually keep doing this guy, but it's certainly easier with a bigger turnout.

Apologies (and giggles!) to Moranth, our good look charm in absence! LOL

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Warcraft Movie Update

by Poisonenvy, 23 days ago

As you know, Blizzard and Legendary are teaming up to make a Warcraft movie .. there are going to be various teasers this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con (which, probably, we won't get to see yet *sigh*), however, more information is now coming out about the movie.

Below is an interview with the Director, Duncan Jones, talking about how it is going so far, and his hope that, if this film does well, there may be another two films in the offing (apologies for the sound quality .. that's their recording, not me!):

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Flying in Draenor

by Poisonenvy, 28 days ago

Guildox, one of the "guild rank" sites has a new option that will allow you to look at your character and see what you still need to complete in order to gain flying in Draenor. 

Simply type your character name into the search box, then click the "Flying" button:



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Reminder to all Guild Members

by Poisonenvy, 29 days ago

As we've had quite a few new members over the last few months, I wanted to go over old ground and reinforce our guild ethos ... our number one rule .. "be nice".

Guild chat (indeed, any in-game "chat") has the benefit of time .. it takes time to type it, which means you have time to consider it before you press that button for everyone to see it.  Unfortunately it also has the problem of not necessarily being the best way to get across intent or meaning.  Just because it sounded okay in your head, does not mean that, once it is typed, it will be taken the same way.

Voice chat of course has it's own benefits and problems ... it is much easier to get across intent, but it is also easier to just blurt stuff out that, really, shouldn't have been said.

So .. guidelines:

In voice chat, please do not "hog" the microphone .. we don't want to hear a monologue all night and don't want to hear the inner workings of your brain before you've even registered it yourself.

In voice chat, especially during raids, be aware of what is going on .. don't start talking about what you're going to have for dinner the next day, whilst we're trying to kill a boss.

In text chat, take a moment and consider what you have typed, and how others may see it, BEFORE pressing that button.

In any chat, if you realise after the event that something you have said could be misconstrued, say so and correct it as soon as possible.

In any chat, be aware of anyone who is new to the guild, perhaps not used to your idiosyncrasies or your sense of humour, and ensure you make allowances for that.

In any chat, if you are new to the guild, feel free to join in, try not to take offence, take a step back and absorb how people talk and how different people interact and, if you have a problem, speak up.  If you don't feel you can speak up directly, you can contact myself or one of the officers privately.

To be honest, all of this should be obvious, and common sense - I should not have to reinforce this at all, however, I have seen the effects of all of the above - and it is worrying that often the person saying or writing something that could be deemed rude, inappropriate or wrong is completely oblivious of the fact.

Remember .. first impressions count.  Current guild members should be making an effort to give a good impression to new members; new members should be doing likewise for us. 

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Two New Bosses!!

by Poisonenvy, 31 days ago

Nicely done guys .. our first foray into Hellfire Citadel and we downed two new bosses!  Awesome work!

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