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Emerald Nightmare Heroic CLEARED!

by Poisonenvy, 9 hours ago

What a great achievement everyone - we killed the final two bosses in Emerald Nightmare Heroic (both new to us as a guild - the last one we'd never even attempted before on Heroic!).  Nicely done

Most, if not all, also received a new achievement, which was very nice: Ahead of the Curve: Xavius.

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New Boss Down

by Poisonenvy, 8 days ago

Excellent work everyone .. fairly easily downed a new boss - Mr. Spider-pig/bird/boss guy.  We had a few mishaps (Tralk was doing his best to scout the most interesting route to the bottom of the chasm at one point .. not sure he found it; some pesky rogue decided to pickpocket some mobs and from what I recall died for the princely sum of 1 copper; and I got lost trying to guide a new raider into one area and pulled a fleet of mobs whilst squealing "help me, help me ..." - and then got distracted by something sparkling in the background ...) but we got there in the end.

Most, if not all, of us, even got a new achievement whilst there!

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Kirin Tor Emmissary Quest Auto-Complete

by Poisonenvy, 11 days ago

Blizzard just applied a hotfix that is giving everyone a free completed Kirin Tor emissary quest. To get the quest, just log into the game on your character and it’ll appear as a completed quest in Dalaran. We’ve logged in ourselves and have confirmed that the hotfix is live.

This free quest completion (and the rep that goes along with it) is due to the bugs that have plagued the Kirin Tor world quests this time around with issues ranging from not enough appearing on the map to the quests being impossible to complete. Blizzard says that they have a fix for the number of quests appearing, at least, but it won’t be available until the next client-side patch.



Originally Posted by Arvaanas (Blue Tracker)
Ok friends,

We’ve just wrapped up testing the hotfix on our internal realms and so far so good.

Everyone gets a complete Kirin Tor Emissary quest on login. If you are already logged in, please relog to get your credit.

This change won’t be reflected in the UI until at least two world quests are completed and even then, there may be some inconsistencies. Fixing the UI is going to require a new build at some point but we thought it would be more important to get everyone their rewards! Hotfix should be applied to Live servers in a minute or two.



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New Boss Down

by Poisonenvy, 13 days ago

Congratulations everyone .. they're dropping like flies at the moment!!

Dead pooch ...


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New Boss Down

by Poisonenvy, 15 days ago

Excellent performance tonight - we've got a new boss down!

Well done everyone!


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WoW's 12th Anniversary

by Poisonenvy, 21 days ago

It's WoW's 12th Anniversary and, when you log in, you'll find some mail waiting for you:

The rewards are available two weeks.

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New Boss Down

by Poisonenvy, 22 days ago

Congratulations everyone - that "just one more fight" did the trick, and Ursoc was down!  Well done


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