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WoW Services Price Changes and Sale

by Poisonenvy, 5 days ago

Blizzard are increasing the price of some of their account/character services on 5th April:



Current Price - Euro

Price from Apr 5 - Euro

Price from Apr 5 - GBP

Name Change








WoW Token

No change

No change


Character Transfer




Race Change








Premium Mounts




Pet & Mount Bundle




Faction Change




Guild Transfer




Guild Faction Change




Character Transfer & Faction Change




Character Boost




Guild Transfer & Faction Change





There is currently a sale on for some of these services though .. so if you want them, now is the time to get them:


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Patch 7.2 - 29 March

by Poisonenvy, 5 days ago

Blizzard have announced that Patch 7.2 will arrive next week.  This includes a whole host of new things to do, but will not immediately include the new raid.

Information from their Q&A:

Lessons Learned

  • The land mass of Timeless Isle was conducive to interesting boss fights.
  • The Broken Shore land mass is larger, so the rare elites will be up a little longer.

Broken Shore

  • A lot of the characters in Legion are characters we have encountered before.
  • There is plenty of content to do, it is presented in a way that is different than Suramar, a more organic and open world experience.

Legion Assaults

  • There are four zones under attack from the Legion.
  • Doing four world quests to defend against an assault is just the first part of the Legion invasion quests. There is a bigger Thundertotem defense part and a three person scenario.
  • You can do the world quests while you are still leveling as bonuses, but not the entire quest line.

Artifact Appearances

  • You can start working towards the new Artifact appearances when the patch releases.
  • You will need to unlock all of the original traits on your Artifact before you begin.
  • The entire region will contribute towards creating buildings, you will want the Mage Tower for the Artifact appearances.

Class Mounts

  • You will need to be exalted with the new faction and finish the new campaign before you can unlock the new class mounts.
  • There is a weekly campaign quest for eleven weeks. There is a day delay for each week when it comes to catching up, so you will be able to catch up quickly.

Class Mounts

  • Every class has a specific fantasy, so there is some variation in the mounts and associated rewards.
  • Every class won't get a matching pet for their mount.
  • The team is trying to make everyone happy with the class mounts, but there won't be exact parity in the rewards for every class.

Class Fantasy and Defeating the Legion

  • All of the Class Orders have come together to defeat the Legion at this point.
  • The hub area on the Broken Shore has some class specific flavor with different NPCs in the area depending on your class.
  • A few weeks in to the campaign you will be able to go and recruit a new follower.
  • You can unlock class specific world quests, but they won't be up every day. These quests have a class specific fantasy.


  • It will probably take at least a few weeks to unlock flying.
  • You will need to wait for Week 2 for Assaults to start.
  • You will need to hit Revered with the new faction as well.
  • It probably won't take as long as it did to get flying in Warlords.

Solo Artifact Challenges and Appearances

  • Maybe a few people will be able to defeat it at Patch 7.2 launch, but not many.
  • Eventually it will get easier as you get more gear and new Artifact traits.
  • It will not be trivialized during Patch 7.2.
  • People internally have been comparing it to the Warlock Green Fire final encounter. It was very tough when it first released.
  • The new appearances are unlocked per spec.
  • There are seven different challenges, with each spec being assigned to one of them.
  • Once you have unlocked the new appearance you have demonstrated mastery of that spec.
  • After that you have to demonstrate being great in the context of PvP or raiding, unlocking the other color variations of that appearance.
  • The base appearance unlock is similar to the way the Balance of Power appearance works, which is intended to take the place of the legendary item quest lines from Mists of Pandaria and Warlords.
  • It is more than a DPS check, there are mechanics you need to respond to and skill you need to demonstrate. You won't be able to brute force this.
  • It isn't too expensive to attempt the encounter again while the Mage Tower is up.

Legionfall War Supplies

  • The War Supplies can only be used for buildings. The team didn't want you to choose between working on the buildings or getting a new Pepe.
  • You get a cache each time you contribute towards building one of the buildings.
  • There is no cap on contributing towards the buildings.

Broken Shore in Future Expansions

  • The team has talked about keeping this area functional in the future.
  • The team can tune the buildings to be easier to build later when everyone has moved on.
  • The players that want to go back and do this content should be able to.
  • The team can just stop the Legion from counterattacking the buildings and destroying them in the future if needed.
  • Each time you rebuild the buildings you get a different buff.

Broken Shore Buildings

  • When a building goes up, it will be destroyed in three days. There is a 24 hour cooldown before you can start building it again.
  • Sometimes there will be overlap between buildings being up, sometimes all three will be up at once.
  • Most people should be able to experience the content while the buildings are up.
  • The team is trying to keep content for every playstyle available at all times.
  • You will have something to do even if a building isn't up.

Artifact Traits

  • Your first new trait is damage and Stamina, you won't get weaker when you unlock the new traits.


  • Velen suffered an absolute tragedy and is at the Tomb of Sargeras to progress the story.
  • Velen is here to take the fight to Kil'jaeden, finally getting the opportunity for vengeance.
  • The Exodar has been crashed for a while, so he isn't going home anytime soon.


  • Jaina left the Council because she refuses to work with the Horde.
  • The Horde is still the bad guy to her, so the Horde and Alliance coming together to fight the Legion.
  • Her story isn't continuing in Patch 7.2.

Order Hall Research

  • When you unlock your final follower, you unlock the ability to do some more Order Hall research.
  • The final one only doubles AP from World Quests that give you AP. It won't make all World Quests give you AP.

Pet Battle Dungeon

  • If players like the new pet battle dungeon the team can make more, if not they will look elsewhere.

Follower Item Level

  • The item level cap on followers will be brought forward to 900 to keep them relevant and progress the system.

Alt Improvements

  • The Legion Invasion world quests are some extra experience.
  • Artifact Knowledge is being increased, so you can help your alts catch up.
  • The team has been making efforts to make things a little bit more alt friendly as the expansion goes on.
  • You shouldn't feel like you have to keep endlessly grinding Artifact Power for that final trait. Your time may be better spent playing your alt rather than plowing AP into this soft cap.
  • Upgraded heirlooms are coming later in the expansion.


  • Nightbane is not in Mythic+, so you can't get his loot.

New Relic Traits

  • You won't be able to get new relics before Tomb opens.
  • Future raids will no longer drop the non-throughout relics, so alternative means to acquire them will be added.


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Guild Rules Reminder (again)

by Poisonenvy, 9 days ago

I've had complaints recently regarding the way we do things currently in guild.


  • Who is allowed to use our Teamspeak server
  • How loot works in raids
  • How people perform in raids

Firstly .. I'd like to stress that, overall, the guild is not going to change.  We are not going to approach raiding, loot rules or who we allow to raid with us any differently.  So anyone who doesn't like this should either accept it or move on. 

We are open to tweaking how things work, but the basic ethos of our guild .. being inclusive not exclusive; basing who we accept to the guild and to raids not on the character but on the person; focussing on having fun and enjoying our time in the game, not playing the blame game .. this is not going to change. 

We are not, have never, will never, promote ourselves as a progression, hardcore raiding guild.  We expect people to do their best when they're raiding with us, but are fully aware that different people have different abilities and have a real life that often intrudes.

We are a grown up guild full of grown up people who have real lives, real families, real responsibilities, studies, work, etc .. we therefore work on the assumption that everyone can be honest with themselves and others when it comes to being a guild member.  We expect people to read and understand our guild rules, and the spirit behind those rules - be nice, be friendly, be helpful, be considerate.

Raid members are expected to do their best and self police - they should be checking their performance against others and working on ways to improve; we have loads of people in the guild who are willing to offer advice and to help, but please understand that not everyone is available at the exact point in time when you want that help .. we have forums, we have discord chat, we have a guild calendar for events, we have discord and teamspeak chat channels.

Members of the guild are encouraged to help and offer advice when asked for.  Cookies will be distributed when we manage to get Nomi trained adequately ...

To specifically address some of the issues raised recently, all in one place:

  • Our Teamspeak server is ONLY for use of guild members.  Our voice servers have only *ever* been for the use of guild members.  We have only very occasionally relaxed this rule, and then regretted it.  If people wish to speak to someone who is not in the guild, on a voice server that they do not own/rent, they're welcome to use our Discord "Friends and Family" chat channel linked in this forum post: - we expect good behaviour on these channels and if we find that our free servers are being abused they will be taken offline and/or people will be banned from using them.
  • We have been open about the way our guild loot rules work.  Everyone, as part of their application process to join the guild, states they have read the guild rules, including the raiding loot rules, and that they accept them.  We are open to reasonable suggestions for improvements, but these suggestions should be for the good of the guild and be no more complicated to administer than normal.  We promote our raids as primarily being organised for fun, to kill a few bosses and perhaps get a bit of loot.  We do not focus on speed-runs through raids, min-maxing gear or prioritising loot.  If we have specific requirements in place for the way our loot system works, we expect people to stick to them.  Deciding "that doesn't apply to me" doesn't wash.  You are a team member, or you aren't.  We want team members, not zergers or go-go players.  We're doing our best not to linger too much, but we're not going to rush through and sap all enjoyment and fun out of the raid, because that's just not what we're about.

    Please DO NOT whisper individuals asking if you can have their loot, or if they'll give you some gold, or some flasks.  This is akin to those guys in Orgrimmar that sit around all day begging for gold.  We don't condone begging in any form.  If you need consumables, you're welcome to ask in guild or raid chat, but understand that you should be prepared to trade materials or pay for the consumables you're asking for.  Someone has spent their own time and/or gold obtaining those items in the first place, it's only fair that you offer to replace them (and this also relates to anyone who makes cauldrons .. they take a lot of time and effort to create, and require a LOT of consumables)

  • We expect all who raid with us to do their best.  They should ensure they know all raiding rules prior to signing up for raids.  They should know HOW signing up for raids works.  They should turn up to raids with the relevant flasks, potions and foods and they should not rely on others to provide these for them.  They should be fully gemmed and enchanted.  This is the *minimum* standard we expect.  If you need help with any of the preparation prior to a raid, please ask well before the raid .. ideally a day or so before.  People should have some way of checking their performance against others - this could be by using an addon such as Skada or Recount, or by checking out the combat logs posted after each raid.  They should see if there are any areas they could improve and then work to improve.  We have plenty of members who can offer advice and help - don't be afraid to ask. 

    On the flip side of this .. please take into account that everyone occasionally has an off day, that some bosses are better for some classes than others, that everyone performs differently, that as we get older, some of those reactions slow (!!), that everyone learns boss fights at a different pace and that sometimes people don't welcome unasked-for advice (either because the timing is wrong or because they're aware of any problems and know how to deal with them).  If you have advice to give, you're welcome to make a general offer in guild chat, or post information in our forums or the relevant chat channels in discord.

 If anyone has any problems, either with the above or with our guild rules, please let me know.

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New Boss Down

by Poisonenvy, 20 days ago

Excellent job everyone .. we got a new boss down on Heroic Nighthold!



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Two new bosses down!

by Poisonenvy, 32 days ago

We did an excellent job tonight - we successfully finished off Normal from a raid we started on Wednesday .. clearing the last two bosses with little bother despite us having had very little practice with them, then went on to have a play in Heroic.

It may have been by the skin of our teeth .. but that scary scorpion finally bit the dust ..

We then went on to tackle the next boss, who also died fairly quickly:

Congratulations everyone!!

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Raid Event Reminder

by Poisonenvy, 33 days ago

I've added this on a forum post for the most recent raid, however, thought it was worth making it more obvious, as this is happening a lot at the moment:

.. it's a bit unfortunate that tonight we had several who had signed up as definite, but then never actually turned up.  If you can't make it, take your name off the event and let the raid leader know.  If you are definitely going to make it, but may be 5-10 minutes late, or will need to leave early - let the raid leader know.  And then stick to your intentions or let the raid leader know they've changed again.

Several people missing means a potential complete re-organisation of the raid structure, including number of healers, who is healing, who is tanking - potentially meaning additional people have to sit out (or the entire raid be cancelled).  If the raid is reorganised, it means that potentially people who were prepared to be in one role, end up having to go in a different role.  It's not fair to those people and it's just good manners to let us know as soon as you can.

I do not want to get to the point of making a list of people who do this regularly - because at that point people on that list will NEVER be accepted on a raid before raid invite time.  At which point they run the risk of there being no space for them.  I don't want to do this .. but if it keeps on happening, I will. 

It's really not that complicated ... if you're definitely able to come for the entire night - sign up as definite.  If circumstances change, speak to the raid leader/organiser and either take your name off the list or put it on tentative (unless the raid leader states they can accommodate your change of circumstance - at which point, please do the right thing and adhere to whatever was agreed).  If you're not sure if you can make it - at any point during the process - either don't sign up at all, or sign as tentative.

Organising raids - ensuring we have the right number of tanks and healers, and ensuring people who *want* to be in those roles, are - is complicated enough at times.  Making us re-organise over and over again, sometimes right at the last minute, isn't really that funny.

If people are getting confused on how the sign-ups work, please speak to me and I'll do my best to explain it better.

From an organisational point of view:

  • We only accept those as part of the raid group those who have signed as definite.  We cannot include any others as they have not confirmed whether or not they'll be there for the full raid. 
  • Those who sign as tentative are indicating that they would like to be included in the raid, but don't know if they can make it.  These people will have the opportunity to join at raid start time, if they are online and prepared to attend for the full night (unless organised otherwise with the raid leader) *if* there is space for them in their chosen role.
  • If there is space for additional raiders, usually an announcement will be made in guild chat at raid start time, giving priority to those who signed tentative, and then to anyone else online.
  • If you have not been accepted as part of that events raid team (please check forums regularly for updates), and you would like to go, please speak to the raid leader.  Potentially there may be space for you.  However, please be aware that there may not be, and the raid leaders decision is final.

 Please do bear in mind that the raid group is made up of real people giving up their spare time to raid together - they're not NPC's that don't care if you ditch them at the last minute and will still be waiting in the same place when you arrive back.  If you're accepted as part of a raid team, the members of that raid team are relying on you to turn up.  Please do your utmost to avoid disappointing them.

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Two bosses down .. two raid instances cleared!!

by Poisonenvy, 39 days ago

Well what a night it was - we ran through the first couple of bosses in Trial of Valor Heroic to quickly get to Helya for our weekly Helya-bashing - and after only a few false starts, finally got her down. 

That resulted in a cool new achievement for us:

After that, as we had some time left, we decided to continue on to Nighthold and have another bash at the last boss.  Apparently we were on a roll!!

With achievements stacking up ...

We then went on to have a quick play with the first boss in Heroic Nighthold, but with time running out, we only had time for a few practice runs, although I think we have a fair idea of it now

Thank you very much everyone!

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