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Welcome to the Dark Wolves website. 

Please register and explore the site - visit our Wiki, our forums, Game Tools and all the other nooks 'n crannies - it's amazing what you find in all sorts of places!  Feel free to say "hi" in the forums or the various "chat" options around the site and add @darkwolveseu to your twitter feed for news updates and more.

This website is for YOU, the guild member and the prospective guild member, and any of our friends - if you don't feel there is anything worth coming back to the site for, let me know what WOULD keep you coming back and I will try to add it.


To current members of Dark Wolves ... instructions on how to Register with the site (which is extremely quick and easy) can be found on the Guild Wiki here.

To prospective members of Dark Wolves ... please feel free to browse our Wiki, especially our Guild Rules, and then follow the guide to fill in the application form and Apply to join us.

For regular updates, "like" our Facebook page

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Light Wolves Update

by Poisonenvy, 5 days ago


As you may know, in preparation for Connected Realms (which seems to be a loooong time in coming!), we created an Alliance version of Dark Wolves on EU-Lightbringer.

At the time, Hunterkillah/Mooh agreed to be the guild leader for our Alliance guild, however, he has been busy elsewhere for some time now - therefore the guild has automatically gone into the "dethroning" process.

This basically means that anyone who logs in, who is of a sufficient rank (three ranks down from the guild leader) is able to claim leadership and take over the guild.

Luckily, I've just started playing a little more with my baby Alliance character, so have managed to organise for the leadership to transfer to myself.

I have put a note up on the "Message of the Day" for that guild, and have tweaked the ranks just a little bit - but hopefully everyone should have the same rank (or similar) to the one they had before.  Unfortunately the interface seemed to reorganise some ranks automatically when the dethroning process completed.  If anyone has any problems, or suggestions, please let me know - obviously I spend most of my time currently on Horde side, so you can always catch up with me there.

Once Connected Realms have arrived for us (or if I get requests before then) I'll consider creating a website specifically for that guild, but as the majority, if not all, members of Light Wolves are also members of Dark Wolves, there currently seems little need.

In the meantime, I'll create a specific part of the forum for Light Wolves.

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Roster Updates

by Poisonenvy, 14 days ago



Congratulations to everyone promoted this week:


From Pup to Cub 

 Aliceinwow, Arrus, Dextrosé, Draille, Drphil, Dyéus, Emoth, Fynn, Ganug, Kolobos, Konarch, Moldrok, Noocow, Petrefax, Riorn, Someone and Zanni


From Cub to Juvenile

Banuhi, Dwibble, Konfor and Shaile


From Juvenile to Wolf


 (all alts have now been placed in "Wolf Alt" rank)


From Wolf to Werewolf


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Technical Alpha Testing Announced

by Poisonenvy, 15 days ago

Blizzard have announced that they are starting technical Alpha testing of the next expansion ... primarily to test a new file compression format they're moving to.  The hope is that Beta testing isn't far away .. they have already stated that we will start to see increasing amounts of datamined information in the near future - but please be aware that beta invites HAVE NOT yet been sent out .. so any you receive will be spam/phishing attempts.

Read more about it: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/13645405/

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Pride Falls!

by Poisonenvy, 16 days ago

Congratulations everyone .... despite a slightly rocky start due to yet more connection and latency issues (this raid instance hates us!), and some confusion over Daylight Saving Times, we managed to down the Sha with very little problem .. now to study up on the next one!

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Norushen down .. finally!

by Poisonenvy, 23 days ago

We finally managed to get this guy down tonight.  It started off yet again looking bad, with people not turning up, or having to work, or not being able to get online at all ... we finally managed to put a group together and still suffered from connection problems, yet regardless managed to get the boss down to single figures.  We even managed to get him down to 0% without downing him, at once stage ... but then it finally fell right and we got him down. 

What a struggle!  We enjoyed every minute of it though, and we're looking forward to kicking the next boss's butt next week!! 

Please remember to sign up for next week .. remember even if 10 have already signed, there is still the chance you'll be asked to join (look at tonight!), and read up on the encounter.  Fingers crossed!!

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new Hearthsteed Mount

by Poisonenvy, 38 days ago


Hearthstone is about to come out of beta!  As from 12th March, after the EU patch, Hearthstone will come out of beta.  At that point, you only need to win three battles in Play or Arena matches to gain the above World of Warcraft mount.  Good luck!

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Pre-Order for WoD is now available!!

by Poisonenvy, 39 days ago


Warlords of Draenor is available for pre-purchase digitally in standard and Digital Deluxe editions. The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with a cache of in-game goodies for your favorite Blizzard games, including a Dread Raven mount and Dread Hatchling pet to accompany you in World of Warcraft, Grommash Hellscream and Blackhand Battle.net portraits to intimidate your foes with in StarCraft II, and a battle-torn Warsong Pennant to fuel your demon-slaying rage in Diablo III. What’s more, like the instant character boost, these will be available to you upon your pre-purchase of the expansion.*

Here’s a closer look at these extras:

World of Warcraft Dread Raven mount and Dread Hatchling pet

StarCraft II  Blackhand and Grommash Hellscream Battle.net Portraits

Diablo III Warsong Pennant

Warlords of Draenor will also be available as a retail-exclusive Collector’s Edition (in limited quantities), which comes with the in-game extras from the Digital Deluxe Edition along with an array of awesome artifacts from the physical realm, including a hardcover art book, behind-the-scenes Blu-ray/DVD set, Warlords of Draenor mouse pad, and CD soundtrack featuring epic music from the expansion. Check with your local retailer for pre-ordering details. We’ll have more specifics to share on the Collector’s Edition closer to the game’s launch.

For more information on this fall’s launch of Warlords of Draenor, check out the official press release and the Warlords of Draenor web page.

Interested in boosting more than one character to level 90 right away? In addition to the boost you get with your Warlords of Draenor pre-purchase, you also have the option of buying additional character boosts directly through the Shop in-game. Check out the video below to learn more about how it all works:

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Instant Level 90 Video

by Poisonenvy, 40 days ago

Blizzard have created a video about the ability to boost one character to level 90 for free, when you buy (or pre-order) Warlords of Draenor.

Currently, there is no news as to when you will be able to pre-order, but this video does suggest that it may be "Soon" (TM)



(Thanks to Shannos for drawing our attention to it )

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