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Call of the Scarab Micro-Event

by Poisonenvy, 8 hours ago

This event is one of several that are new to this latest patch.  It lasts only a few days (over the weekend) and encourages horde and alliance to compete to collect commendations for their faction - the faction with the most commendations by the end will have their flag fly over the area for a full year!

You can read more about it on wowhead.


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Website Maintenance Due Monday

by Poisonenvy, 13 hours ago

Our website host, Gamer Launch, have announced that they are doing some maintenance work to their platform on Monday 23 January.  This will result in our website being unavailable for the majority of that day, and potentially some of the next, too:

We like providing a superior product to our users, and sometimes that means we need to tweak a few things.

Starting at 7 a.m. EST, Monday, January 23rd, Gamer Launch will be down for 12 hours as we move to a new hosting environment. We will keep you updated on the Gamer Launch Facebook and Twitter pages, and a message will be posted when the site is back up.

Please pardon our dust, and thanks for choosing Gamer Launch!

As far as we go, we can still be followed/contacted through either our Twitter feed or Facebook - in-game of course, and the Armories app.  You can contact myself directly at and I'm in the process of trying to set up a discord chat server too, which has an app for your smartphone (which I've not yet worked out how to use properly, but seems like a good way to leave messages for each other).


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Patch 7.2 coming to a PTR near you ...

by Poisonenvy, 13 hours ago

Blizzard have only just finished with one patch, when they start working on the next - I'm not sure I can keep up!

This next patch is going to be a big one, with lots of interesting stuff for everyone to get their teeth into.  Not only will flying in Legion finally be a thing, but also new mounts, a new raid, a new battle pet dungeon(?!), transmog updates, more legion invasions and loads more.

I've put up a forum post for people to discuss, here.

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New Guild Achievement

by Poisonenvy, 2 days ago

Sorry I missed this one .. guild members achieved this last week:

Congratulations everyone!


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One Night(hold) .. Five Bosses ...

by Poisonenvy, 2 days ago

Very impressive guys .. five new bosses in one night!  Congratulations .. Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax, Spellblade Aluriel and Krosus all down in one night .. with, as far as I can recall, only one wipe!  Great night - thank you ;-)


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Guarm Heroic Down!

by Poisonenvy, 7 days ago

Excellent job everyone ... we've downed a new boss on heroic Trial of Valor .. only that pesky Helya to go - and when she goes, that's another "Curve" Achievement for us!


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Raiding Choices, Reminder for Raiders, Teamspeak for All

by Poisonenvy, 9 days ago

As our raiders will probably know, a new raid is due to open next week - The Nighthold. 

I've had various opinions over the last few days as to which raids we should be concentrating on.  Some would prefer to concentrate on Mythic, some on ToV Heroic, some want to dive straight into Nighthold.  And because I'm quite good at prevarication, I've put a poll up to get an idea of what people would prefer.


The vote will only be open for a few days, and I reserve the right to change my mind completely - although I will attempt to go with the flow


Those who raid with us, or who intend to raid in the future, please note that ALL RAIDS are placed on the calendar in-game.  In order to attend a raid, you need to sign up on the calendar in-game.  If you sign up on the calendar in-game, you're stating your intention to be online, at raid start time, throughout the length of the raid.

Those who raid with us, or who intend to raid in the future, please note that ALL RAIDS are discussed, and roles assigned, on our guild raids forum.  If you sign up for a raid, please ensure you keep an eye on the forum post for that particular raid. Read any requirements and discussions, check the role assigned to you.  If you have anything to add to the discussion, or wish to change your role, or wish to notify us you'll be unable to attend, please reply to that forum post.

General discussions about current tier raiding will be posted on our Raiding forum (of which the guild raids and the boss tactics forums are sub-forums).  Again this is a forum you should be watching.

I personally do not have the time, energy or patience to speak to each individual or group of raiders who happen to be online at any particular time, to keep them apprised of updates.  It takes me hours as it is to update and keep updated this website and the various other sites and bits of admin required in order to run raids for you - and that is *still* a considerably smaller amount of time than it would take to ensure all that information was passed on to all the relevant raiders personally.

I will also NOT be contacting individual guild members to see if they wish to raid any particular week.  If you want to raid - sign up.  If you don't, don't.  If you don't sign up, I'll assume you don't want to raid.

The onus is on you guys to take the initiative and ensure you've signed up to any raids you want to go to; that you check the calendar regularly to see what raids/events are available; if you sign up ensure that you're assigned a role you're happy with; that you're fully aware of the normal guild, raiding and loot rules; that you're fully aware of any requirements for any specific raids and that, if you need clarification or wish to change something - you let me know.  Ideally with plenty of notice, on the relevant forum post  

I cannot be expected to chase each individual raider up, each time, to check if they've read up on the raid posts on the forums, and there is not enough space on the calendar or anything else in-game in order to state everything that has to be said.

I've updated our Teamspeak page to give more information about how it works.  Teamspeak has a bunch of "rooms" available with different names, including raiding and party rooms, and is not restricted to only being used during raids.  If you want to chat to other guild members generally whilst questing, or fishing, or having a party, or playing in a dungeon, Battleground, Arena or LFR together, then please do go ahead and use it. 

Occasionally it will have to be taken down for maintenance, however, Hunterkillah/Voodruid, who hosts it for us, will attempt to give us plenty of notice if this is required.  Generally he will try to ensure that any updates that are required will take place on a Monday evening, as this is the evening that it is least likely to be used - but he will check prior to updating that no-one is using it at that time.

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