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Please register and explore the site - visit our Wiki, our forums, Game Tools and all the other nooks 'n crannies - it's amazing what you find in all sorts of places!  Feel free to say "hi" in the forums or the various "chat" options around the site and add @darkwolveseu to your twitter feed for news updates and more.

This website is for YOU, the guild member and the prospective guild member, and any of our friends - if you don't feel there is anything worth coming back to the site for, let me know what WOULD keep you coming back and I will try to add it.


To current members of Dark Wolves ... instructions on how to Register with the site (which is extremely quick and easy) can be found on the Guild Wiki here.

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 4days ago2 Replies
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WoW Token .. More Info

by Poisonenvy, 4 days ago

Blizzard have given a bit more information about the forthcoming "WoW Token" which will allow people to either buy for real money and sell in the Auction House for Gold, or buy from the Auction House in order to top-up their game time:



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Light Wolves Leadership Change

by Poisonenvy, 8 days ago


I have posted a news message on our Light Wolves website in respect of a change of leadership for that guild.  Current guild members of Light Wolves, please go check it out.

For those who aren't members of Light Wolves, or don't know about it ... Light Wolves is the "alliance" side of Dark Wolves.  It was set up fairly recently and is very quiet with low membership .. primarily populated with alts of members from Dark Wolves and the occasional Samsaran.

We just wanted somewhere that we could level alliance characters, with like-minded, friendly people and, basically, get lost together!

The intent is, at some point in the future, to make it the alliance equivalent of Dark Wolves, but currently it is simply a social/levelling guild. 

Any member of Dark Wolves is free to join Light Wolves as well .. membership in one means you can get membership into the other.  If you have alliance alts you'd like to bring into Light Wolves, please let me know and I'll organise an invite

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Blackrock Foundry Item Level Update

by Poisonenvy, 12 days ago

Blizzard have announced that, at some point next week, they will be putting out a hotfix to increase the ilevel of all gear that drops from all levels of Blackrock Foundry.  This also affects any of your current BRF gear.  When it is deployed, you should see all of your BRF items increase by 5 ilevel points (and, of course, the stats will increase accordingly).  This includes gear from the LFR difficulty level.

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Roster Updates

by Poisonenvy, 16 days ago


The following promotions have been made today:

From Pup to Cub

 Archyy, Azmiara, Broxigar, Cpthorns, Draka, Eveiee, Ishta, Kaitlynn, Kurgan, Moriladin, Morilaheal, Niknax, Phuza, Sanabos, Shadcats, Splendis

From Cub to Juvenile

Bomboor, Kryxus

From Juvenile to Wolf
(alts placed in Wolf Alt rank)

Manolom, Moozll, Playfulkitty

From Wolf/Wolf Alt to Werewolf

Deadpool, Twinkletusks, Muetmort


The following have been removed from the guild due to a long term absence: Benjamins, Icilwel. 

They are welcome to reapply if they wish to join again in the future.

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Gold/Game Time Trading

by Poisonenvy, 26 days ago

Blizzard have announced that, in an upcoming patch, we will be able to purchase "WoW Tokens" in their in-game shop.  These tokens can then be sold on the Auction House for Gold (meaning you can buy gold for cash legally) and used to purchase game time (meaning you can use gold to pay for your subscription).

There has been no confirmation of either the real cash price or the gold price for these tokens yet .. although it has been estimated that the "real" cost of them will probably be around the same price as a month's subscription, which makes sense.

See Blizzard's announcement for more information.

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Gruul Down

by Poisonenvy, 31 days ago


Congratulations guys .. first night in Blackrock Foundry, first boss down ... brilliant achievement.  Think we've just about sorted Oregrinder as well .. hopefully next week!!


Remember we have a Normal Highmaul up for Friday, and a Throne of Thunder achievement/transmog run for Saturday .. please sign up on the calendar.


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Patch 6.1

by Poisonenvy, 31 days ago

Patch 6.1 hits today in the EU and Blizzard have posted their full patch notes here.

These include:

  • character updates, primarily to Blood Elves
  • Twitter integration
  • Heirloom tab
  • New Heirlooms, scalings, costs and upgrades
  • Garrison visitors, vendors and dailies
  • Summon a world boss in your garrison - scaled to 10-40 people
  • Garrison Music Box
  • Upgrades to followers and follower missions
  • Updates to Garrison buildings
  • Garrison Invasions now can give a Platinum score rating, along with 660 ilevel loot and an item used to summon garrison boss
  • You no longer need a level 55 character in order to roll a death knight character.
  • You can log in, and chat with guild members, even if your account is inactive. Restrictions apply!
  • Various class re-tuning
  • A new "get off at the next stop" button has been added whilst on a flight path
  • Updates to the Darkmoon Faire .. new achievements and a new race game
  • New pet battles, achievement and upgrade items added
  • Various PvP updates affecting, primarily, Ashran
  • New professions items to enable crafted items to be upgraded further (max ilevel 680)
  • Alchemists can now transmute for savage blood
  • Crafted shields are no longer counted towards the crafted items limit

There are loads more, smaller items relating to vendors, UI and graphics changes, toybox changes etc .. check out the full patch note for more information.

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Patch 6.1 Survival Guide

by Poisonenvy, 37 days ago

Blizzard have released a video showing some of the new things coming with the next patch:

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